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Become the best speller you can "bee."

Spelling Resources


Elite Classroom Access

This offer is perfect for those who do not desire personal coaching, or are unable to receive it due to a full client load. For $60, spellers receive a full year of access to my personal spelling classroom that contains word lists totaling over 7,000 words! This offer also includes any lists I add to the class during this time.


The Beekeeper's Lists

Explore specialized lists created personally. These lists are the fruits of my labor and are curated to contain words that have a high probability of appearing in bees, and serve to enhance both spelling and vocabulary abilities. 


Spelling Bee Swag

One of my favorite parts of the Scripps National Spelling Bee was seeing all of the spellers dressed in fun "bee" themed clothing. In accordance with a local teen entrepreneur, I have designed custom stickers and scrunchies for aspiring spellers! 

Please contact for more information about these unique opportunities.

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